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Aluminium sliding windows are a popular choice for Singapore homes, be it HDB flats, condo units, or landed houses. And why not, these offer a sleek and modern look while also being the easiest to operate. Installing aluminium frame sliding windows has its nuances and is best left to a contractor. However, it’s always good to know what installation process involves. So, in this quick step-by-step guide, complete with pictures and video clips, we’ll walk you through the entire process – from measurement taking to preparing the wall opening to securing the window in place. Let’s go…


Step 1: Homeowner gives rough measurement for quote

width and height of wall opening

The first step in window installation is for the homeowner to be sure of the requirements. This involves taking measurement for the window width and height, a fairly easy task to do if you have a retractable measuring tape. Next is to be sure of the type and colour of the window glass that best suit your need. For example, to install service yard window it may be frosted glass with a black frame.


Step 2: Window panels and top panels are fabricated

custom size window panes with frosted glass

Next is to choose the right contractor who can fabricate your window as per you given specifications. This post on how to hire a window contractor is a good resource to refer to. The window frame and panels typically take some time to fabricate depending on the workload and factory capacity of the contractor. Usually, two to four weeks is a sufficient time.


Step 3: Aluminium hollow section is installed as the base

aluminium base for window frame

Once your contractor is ready with the materials then comes the day of installation. The installation task typically begins by fixing in place the rectangular aluminium hollow section that serves as the base to hold the window frame. As shown in the picture above.


Step 4: Aluminium frame is installed in the wall opening

window frame in service yard

The aluminium frame is the “outline” of the window and provides the tracks in its base for the panels to slide in case of sliding windows. Window frames need to be robust and must be drilled to the wall in addition to the aluminium base. As shown in the accompanying image the frame may be segmented to hold the sliding panels and fixed top panels separately.


Step 5: Window Panels are installed in the frame

worker drilling top hung window


worker installing window panes

Installing the fabricated panels within the frame is the next and crucial step. The type of panels determines what the installation steps here. For example, the top hung fixed panels are the casement type which can be opened outwards, hence they need to the secured (drilled) into the frame. The main sliding panels on the other hand are moveable and these need to slot in followed by some adjustments.


Step 6: Height adjustment of panels for smooth operations

Sliding windows are expected to move/slide freely with minimum effort to the user. The panels are fitted with rollers or wheels that offer the freedom of movement. However, minor height adjustments may be required to ensure there are no gaps between the panels and the frame and that the movement is unhindered. It is recommended that homeowners test the movement after your contractor is done with the final adjustments. The video above explains this process.


Step 7: Silicon sealant is pumped to fill gaps between the frame and wall

worker with silicon caulk gun

The last step is to ensure that the full window structure especially the frame has fit perfectly in the wall opening and that there no gaps for water, window, or insects to come in. Silicon sealant is typically pumped with a caulk gun. Applying sealant may be done earlier (after the frame is installed) but contractors will usually do a final round in the end and advise you not to use the window till the sealant solidifies.



sliding window in service yard

The above image shows a recently installed black frame aluminium sliding window for the service yard in a condo unit. Installing sliding windows can be a great way to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. We hope the above steps offers a quick glimpse into the process involved and enables you to oversee or DIY a window installation successfully. The friendly staff at Grilles N Glass are happy to assist if you plan to do sliding windows anytime soon!

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