Glass Windows

Allow passage of light and air indoors, relish the view outdoors

A Window is what breaks the monotony of the four walls that form a room. They are required to allow the passage of light, air and sound and help bring life to a room. In today’s modern times, Glass is the de-facto substance used to make Windows, framed with mostly metal such as Aluminium or maybe wood.

Why Install Glass Windows

Besides protecting inhabitants from the elements, Windows also have to gel with the room décor and be easy for operational use. They must also include some lock feature if they happen to be corridor or ground level house windows.

If you are renovating your home or simply replacing a dysfunctional old set it is good to be aware of the assortment of options that are available. Windows and Doors say a lot about a home. Other than the functional use they also express so much about who lives there.

Type of Windows that can be installed

Sliding Windows Singapore

Sliding Windows

The most common and easy to use window type employed to cover large openings and balconies.

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Soundproof Windows Singapore

Soundproof Windows

These are special framed, double-glazed glass windows which reduce outside noise for the occupants.

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Casement Windows Singapore

Casement Windows

Ideally suited for small windows with steel rivets that control the open-close mechanism.

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Louvre Windows Singapore

Louvre Windows

Usually found in Bathrooms these are adjustable with a lever mechanism to control & air.

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Common Considerations for Glass Windows

There’s a whole lot of things to consider before installing Windows for the home, such as –

The type of Glass being used – Normal Sheet Glass, Tempered Glass, Wire mesh Glass, Tinted Glass, and Patterned Glass

Colour/Shading of the Glass – Blue, Sea Green, etc for tinted or Solar Films

Material of window frame – Wood, PVC or Aluminium

Colour of the frame – Bronze, Silver, White powder coated or other custom colours

The Grilles N Glass Advantage

Having installed thousands of the Glass Windows with varying customizations over many years for Singapore homeowners, we ensure that you make the right choice for your home. Be assured of quality and price competitiveness for we provide windows direct from our own workshop and install strictly as per HDB & BCA standards/guidelines.

Grilles N Glass installs all types of Glass Windows in Singapore at direct factory price with excellent workmanship and warranty.

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Grilles N Glass is here to help you with Grilles, Doors and Glass work

Our Happy Customers

We wanted to change the windows and main door of our resale HDB flat.  We found GrillesNGlass from the internet and read some of their customer testimonials.


Windows and Doors for Cassia Crescent Unit

GrillesNGlass helped to replace our old corridor louvre window with a new set with white aluminium framing. We are very happy with the outcome and got them to install a Glass Door for our Kitchen also.

Corridor Window for Ang Mo Kio HDB Unit