Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates provide not only security to your landscape, but also stunning beauty. Installed for entrances of landed property, a well-styled gate guarding the driveway or pathway can reflect wealth and success of the inhabitants of the house.

Gates for Singapore Properties

In Singapore, houses with a long driveway are not many. Usually limited to Good Class bungalows, an Auto gate is the most preferred since it saves you the trouble of getting out of the car especially on a rainy day. Auto gates are also widely used for smaller condominium estates and private apartments that are gated.

For semi-detached and terrace houses the entrance gates can be swing or slide gates, either operated manually or motor-controlled for automation. We recommend using swing gates since they are easier to maintain and cost much less.

Metal for Fabricating Entrance Gates

Wrought Iron is widely used due to its ability to be bent and twisted to fashion intricate and artistic designs. Being exposed to the elements all day and night, outdoor gates must be able to withstand constant rain and sun.

Outdoor gates are typically hot dipped galvanized to keep them corrosion and rust resistant hereby increasing durability and longevity. However, a fresh coat of paint every few years is a good practice to cover up scratches and wear outs. This certainly helps brings the shine and grandeur back to the original state.

Driveway Gates
Wrought iron entrance gate
Driveway Gates

Customizations for Entrance Gates

Inputs required for customizing an Entrance Gate of your choice would include –

Deciding Gate movement - Sliding or Swing (single or bi-parting) type of gates

Fabrication using different types of metal – Iron, Mild Steel, Wrought Iron or Aluminium

Thin steel, un-obstructive Invisible Grilles

Side gate integration for large gate installations. Side gates are suited for visitors, children, etc.

Replacement or retrofitting of Auto gate systems with new gates

Being a Grilles specialist, the team at Grilles N Glass can also surround your driveway gates with matching fence and garden gates to give a consistent, uniform appeal to your property.

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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