Soundproof Windows & Doors

Soundproof Windows for residents who live in noisy neighbourhoods or those who simply want their space a quiet and disturbance free environment. It is a much a sought-after solution to reduce noise levels inside the home especially if one stays near busy coffee shops or say near a high-traffic road.

Soundproof Windows in Condo
Double Glazed Glass
Two panel double glazed window

Common Reasons for Installing Soundproof Windows in Singapore

Some of the reasons why more and more Singaporeans are opting for Soundproof windows –

HDB/Condo unit is near to the MRT tracks, TV is inaudible when the train passes by

Apartment is next to the expressway and there’s constant noise from the vehicular traffic

HDB flat in a noisy neighbourhood, disturbance from coffee shop or playground in the vicinity

Block off loud sounds from construction activity in surrounding area

Owner is a music or entertainment artist and wants to privacy for himself as well as others

Have the right setting at home for meditation, yoga or exercising

Just have a quiet and peaceful home or office environment

Technicalities of Soundproof Windows

Noise suppression in Soundproof Windows is achieved by using double glazed glass in the window panels. These are effective in reducing the noise level to a great extent. Double Glazed Windows consist of two layers of sandwiched glass with a metal strip in between. So, instead of the single layer it’s a 15 mm layer (two 5mm glass sheets separate by 5mm metal strip in the frame). The price of such windows can be estimated based on the rate of $50 psf.

You can expect a noise reduction of 40% to 80% based on the height of your unit. Low floor units can typically expect noise reduction of up to 80%. And of course

Other Benefits of Soundproofing

There are some other intangible benefits to Soundproof Windows besides sound control. They are temperature control – Keeps the interiors cool on hot sunny day thereby reducing your air usage and electricity bills. And better safety and security on account of the extra thickness of the window glass.

Soundproof Glass Doors

Soundproof Doors (for Acoustic purposes) with double glazed panels are also installed as a noise stop solution for many homes. In the recent past, double glazed Sliding Glass Doors have been installed by Grilles N Glass for homeowners in order to control noise from nearby construction sites, aircon condensers of commercial buildings like hotels & malls.

The accompanying video gives an idea of the effect that a Soundproof Sliding Door can have for the interiors. Installed at a customer’s high-rise unit at the Coralis Condominium, Joo Chiat Road (behind I12 Katong Mall), the level of outside sound was reduced by more than half.

As mentioned previously, higher level units will get a lesser amount of soundproofing than what a lower level unit will achieve.

Soundproof Window & Door Contractor in Singapore

Since the last decade, Grilles N Glass has been a preferred Window Contractor among Singaporeans for implementing noise reducing windows and doors. Over the past few years we have helped many homeowners achieve peace of mind by soundproofing their residence.

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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