Bi-Fold Doors

Essentially, Bi-Fold Door is a double-leaf (pair of door panels) door attached in the centre by a set of hinges that hold the 2 parts. The doors run along a track on the floor, so to open the doorknob or handle is gently pulled or pushed and the door “folds” open.

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Bi-Fold Door

Advantages of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are great space savers in small rooms as they do not need the floor space that a traditional Swing door requires for opening and closing. As compared to Sliding Doors they are still more efficient since they fold back on themselves and give an almost 100% opening. Popular for bathrooms, kitchen entrances, laundry rooms and so on, they can be found in various finishing to suit any décor.

The strength of the doors is another advantage as you do not have to worry much about the doors getting damaged or chipped in the long run.

Types of Bi-Fold Doors

Based on the movement mechanism, Bi-fold Doors are available in two configurations –

Normal or Conventional Type

which has top and bottom track. This is the common and cost-effective option.

Top Hung Type

which does not need a bottom track. The door panels slide by means of rollers on the top track.  This type is suited if you have wheelchair bound occupants in your home.  However, these cost about 30 to 40% more than the normal Bi-fold doors

Materials Used

Materials used for Bi-fold doors range from Wood to Metal for the frame; and glass, acrylic or other composite materials for the panels. Aluminium Bi-fold Doors are generally preferred, it is scratch and dent resistant and perfect for use in high traffic areas, where there is more wear & tear.

Maintenance of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are easy to maintain and service. Simple checking for dents, obstructions, etc for the top & bottom metal track that guides the doors and ensuring they are well greased is sufficient.

For Top Hung Bi-fold doors the rollers that move the door panels should be investigated once in few months.

Supply & Install of Bi-Fold Doors in Singapore

Grilles N Glass has installed hundreds of Bi-Fold Doors for happy customers across Singapore in the last 10 years.

Out top selling type is the Aluminium frame (white powder coated) with Acrylic panels which come in a variety of colours. This is much sought after for bathrooms and kitchens for their neat, elegant look and also for their cost effectiveness.

We guarantee you one of the lowest prices for Bi-fold Doors island-wide. And our price includes supply, installation of new door as well as removal and disposal of the old door. So, there are no hidden surprises to the customer. 

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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Hats off to Mr Alex and his team, Kumar, Raju and Raki for installing window grilles. They did an excellent job! Great! After checking my kitchen grilles, Mr Alex raised concerns that removing the existing grilles could damage the tiles. However, he said that he will do his best to install the new grilles. His team did it! The workmanship was amazing. Thank you, Mr Alex and his team.
Johnathan Ng
Johnathan Ng
Alex and his team are very friendly and extremely professional. Followed up for a couple of months after installation to ensure that seepage problem was fully resolved. High quality workmanship. Thanks again!
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BH Chia
Alex is a very professional window contractor. Not the usual contractor. Before I contracted him, he honestly told me that he was not sure if he could fix my window as the aluminium bended quite badly. Through his experience and knowledge, he managed to get it fixed within 3 hours. If you need a window contractor, I would strongly recommend Alex and his team.
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Andrew C
Alex was extremely professional throughout the process and provided information and advice without any pressure or obligation to use his services. We ended up purchasing a full set of grilles and windows (double-glazed casement and sliding) for the entire house around a year ago. During the installation process, Alex was punctual, very accommodating in terms of schedule, and also willing to make adjustments and provide replacements where needed. After around a year of usage, we are satisfied with the quality of the windows and grilles, and would recommend Alex/Grillesnglass if anyone is looking for windows/grilles.
Many thanks to Alex and his team for their great work on the casement window replacement and aluminum grilles for my 4-room resale HDB flat. Alex is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to provide excellent service and after-sales support to his customers. His team demonstrated great expertise and skill in preserving my kitchen tiles and minimising the impact on the surrounding walls as I had done the windows installation after the tiling and plastering work had already been carried out. Highly recommend Alex and his team for the great value for money and high quality services.
Thank you Alex for the quality product, patience and great after sales service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives.
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vettekudath sathian
Alex and his staff did an Excellent work to replace my 4A Apartment entire windows & grills ! Your crew are amazing and so diligent to execute all tasks with smiling face and did an exemplary house keeping jobs afterwards ! Hassan, Kumar, Ujjwal and all worth mentioning for their good attitude and perfection in work manship ! 🙏💐
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James G
Got in touch with Alex after seeing many positive reviews online, and decided to engage him to supply and install our whole house windows and catproof grilles. Unlike other big names in the market who quoted high prices but were unable to demonstrate their worth, Alex provided us with fantastic soundproofing solutions for all our windows at a reasonable price. He was always very punctual for site visits and highly responsible throughout the process. Permit application with the authorities was always done on time, and his wife AJ was also very prompt in coordination and following up with us for subsequent installations or touchup work. His workers were also very careful with our flooring, making sure to lay protection before carrying out their works. All in all, my wife and I are extremely pleased with our beautiful windows and grilles, as well as the level of soundproofing. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone who are looking for serious and professional window contractors.
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Benjamin Ong
This is for a 4-room resale HDB kitchen window replacement. Decided to enquire with Alex after seeing many good reviews online. Unlike other contractors who were reluctant to come down for site-consultation before proceeding or very slow in response, Alex was quick to respond and agreed for free consultation even if we choose not to proceed. During consultation, he was sincere and patient with all our questions and recommended his solutions professionally. He also assured us that it would be done well, especially the hacking of wall tiles. On day of installation, Alex came down with his team. Once again, they assured us. Indeed, His team were professional and did a great job. After they left, I had couple of questions on the grilles and its rollers. Without hesitation, Alex answered them and sent his team down again to check on the same day. We are very happy with the results! Their services had been excellent! Highly recommend!