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A bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home. In the privacy of that space we do a range of activities bathing, relieving, vanity, oral hygiene and more. Bathing being one of the primary activities, it causes a lot of water to be splashed making the floor wet and slippery. Wet floors have been a cause for many a fall and injury. So, keeping the bathroom floor dry is certainly desirable and a Shower Screen is what helps to maintain that.

Shower Screens are available in various types, shapes and screen designs. You can leverage the various options to add glamour and class to your bathroom.

Black Frame Shower Screen
Shower Screen
Shower Screen Shapes

Types of Shower Screens

Shower Screens need not be a one type, one size fit all fixture for Bathrooms. There are variations and options to choose from. At the most basic types there are –

Traditional framed Shower Screen with sliding mechanism. Typically, Aluminium or PVC frames are used with normal/patterned sheet glass or acrylic panels.

Frameless Shower Screens where panes of tempered glass are used with unobtrusive fittings. These are usually installed with Swing Door access

Semi-frameless – combination framed and frameless panes. These are rare and used in cases where full frameless section cannot be installed

Design & Decorative

As for the designs, there are ample of beautiful screens to choose from, especially for Acrylic Panels. Of course, if you prefer the clarity of glass then 4 mm tempered glass sheets are a popular choice.

If you wish to have a smart, snappy and clean look for your bathroom then a glass or acrylic based screen with a convenient open-close mechanism needs to be installed.

In addition, buyers have the choice of choosing the frame colours – White, Black or Silver

Shapes of Shower Screens

The shape and size of the bathing area in your bathroom will determine the shape of Shower Screen you would install. Again, at a high-level Shower Screens can be –

Simple wall to wall style of screen which can is used to simply partition your bathroom into wet and dry areas. Both Sliding & Swing Door access can be deployed for this style

Corner Style Shower which fits into the smallest available area and is structured with one fixed and one/two sliding or swing panels for easy access into the shower area

Diamond or Curved shaped shower cubicles, suited for limited space shower area and give a stylish look and feel

Considerations when Buying

Shower Screens may be a one time install which you may use for years and years. So few things to look for when buying the shower screens would be the quality of the screen itself which should be of adequate thickness and fully water-resistant; durability of the hinges or sliding systems for long term usage; and lastly, if the sealing of panels is adequately water-tight.

Shower Screen Alternatives

While the simplest & DIY form of Shower Screen is Curtains, a decorative plastic sheet hung from a rod which enables you to restraint water to the bathing area to some extent. However, they are not very effective since adjoining areas may still get splashed with water and secondly, they do not give a neat and convenient solution.

Another alternative could be a non-movable, wall-fixed glass partition covering half or more of the shower area. This can effectively block the water splash during bathing keeping the rest of the bathroom dry.

Shower Screens in Singapore from Grilles N Glass

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