Casement Windows

Casement Windows are attached to the window frame by means of one or more hinges and hence sometime also referred to as Hinged Windows. Usually they are operated by levers which also couple up as the window lock. They are ideal to cover small wall openings where in a single or two panel windows would suffice.

Casement Window
Top-Hung Casement Window
Wrought Iron Grilles

Advantage Casement Windows Provide

An attractive and traditional window model that swings open like a door but can be shut with an air-tight seal when required. Aluminium frame Casement Windows provide some of the best thermal performance of any window type and have very secure locking mechanisms. They are completely streamlined, and cranks are foldable to allow curtains and blinds to fall naturally.

When are Casement Windows Preferred

Since Casement Windows can be opened at an angle of 90 degrees or more, you can showcase completely unobstructed views and allow unrestricted breeze into your home.

Less resistant to wind and water infiltration, they have better compression to close tightly against the frame. Hence Casement model is mostly employed for Soundproof Windows too. They are also ideal for small windows where there are no external obstructions.

Top Hung Windows

These are a variation of Casement type of Windows wherein the hinge (or rivet) is on the top of the outer frame of the window allowing the glass panel to open and project outwards. This configuration is often installed along with the standard Casement Window for ventilation purposes without the need to open the main window. Top Hung Windows are also known as Awning Windows and have been installed by Grilles N Glass in Singapore homes.

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Casement Window Contractor in Singapore

Whether you are interested in the contemporary side hinged casement or the Awning (top hung) type Grilles N Glass can help you install the best quality windows customized with your preferred glass and window frame colours. You can look forward to friendly customer support in addition to quality and expert workmanship from us.

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