Window Grilles

Window Grilles of the past used to be the dull horizontal or vertical iron bars. However, with the advancement in technology such as aluminium extrusion and metal bending over the years, consumers are no longer restricted to plain old grille designs. Today Grilles not only make your homes safe but also appeal in the aesthetic aspects of home improvement. Using a combination of decorative looks and protective materials is important.

Installation Window Grilles
Green Color Aluminium Grilles
Wrought Iron Grilles
Brown Aluminium Window Grille

Material of the Grilles

Window Grilles are available in various types to suit the taste and requirements of Singaporean homeowners. One can choose from –

Simple, elegant and widely popular Aluminium Grilles which come in a range of lattice frames

Decorative types that can be fabricated with Wrought Iron

Thin steel, un-obstructive Invisible Grilles

Consideration Considerations for Choosing Window Grilles

Today you will find customization options that will allow you to protect your home and making it look great at the same time. Determining the best options depend on several factors. These include the size (width & height) of the windows, colour of the frames, types of windows (sliding or casement), HDB or NCST guidelines to observe and so on. The choices are extensive, so determining the final look you want is very important along with the budget for the project.

Grilles are applicable not just for Windows in your living and bedrooms but also for balcony and service yard of your apartment or house. Besides the peace of mind you get from the metal security of grilles carefully chosen design adds to the style and poise of your home décor.

How to Order Grilles for your Windows


Share Your Requirements

Provide us the details (Floor Plan, Number of Rooms, etc)

Get Estimate

We’ll give you a Quotation by Types of Grilles you like

Schedule the Installation

Pay a small advance & fix the date and time of installation

Setup & Installation

Onsite preparation & installation by us. Remaining Payment and start of Warranty

Why Choose Grilles N Glass

Having installed hundreds and thousands of metal grilles for homeowners in Singapore we can assure you of unmatched quality and price competitiveness. We bring you the best grilles direct from our workshop, installed in accordance of HDB & BCA guidelines. We are licensed HDB contractors for the past 18 over years, so rest assured you are in safe hands.

 Grilles N Glass offers direct factory price Grilles in Singapore with latest designs, excellent workmanship and warranty.

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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