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Homeowners take a lot of interest in doing their home interiors – setting up the right décor, choosing the proper combination of colours and so on to have the best possible ambience indoors. However, many a times the entry point to that ambience i.e. Door is often overlooked.

Whether the entry point is the main entrance, bedroom or the Kitchen, having the right set of doors is essential, for they set the first impression for the visitor coming in.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors are any doors that have glass as the main panel. A popular choice for homes for many reasons, they brighten up the indoors since they allow so much light.

Why Glass Doors

Since glass is transparent, it gives an open feeling connecting the indoors and outdoors together. Glass, whether transparent or translucent is also economical and generally goes very well with any décor. And there’s variety of glass types to choose from such as fiber glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, etc available in range of hues and tint. Besides enabling smooth and gentle handling, Glass Doors are space efficient and do not look bulky.

Frames for Glass Doors

Glass Doors usually need a frame of a solid material. For door frames, besides wood, the combination of Aluminium frames and Glass panels are suitable for most settings. Be it entrance doors or the partition between your indoors and patio, Aluminium and Glass give you the versatility and variety to beautify your home décor.

Aluminium is ductile and malleable, can be moulded easily into a variety of shapes and is corrosion resistant. Aluminium as a material provides for a frame that is light but tough, which is either originally anodized or powder coated in a variety of colours.

Frameless Glass Doors have gained popularity in the recent years. Single or double leaf swing doors are commonly being used in Singapore homes & offices. Without the need to have additional frame material frameless glass doors offer the clean, sleek look that many us would love to have. Strong & durable glass hardware (hinges, floor spring, etc) are a must to ensure proper movement and support of the panels.

Type of Glass Doors that can be installed

Sliding Doors

Aluminium or wooden framed, they are ideal for Balcony & Patio entrances and also for partitions.

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Shower Screen in Bathroom

Glass Shower Screens

Glass Panel Shower Screens are more durable and long lasting than acrylic panel screens. 

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Swing Doors Singapore

Swing Doors

Single leaf Aluminium frame or frameless Doors are common for room entrances in homes & offices

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Tempered Glass in Balcony

Tempered Glass Doors

Doors of Tempered Glass are most widely installed nowadays due to their safety feature.

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Wooden & Acrylic Doors

Along with good looks, equally important for doors is the ease of day to day use. So, for the main entrance one would typically choose a grand Wooden Door that gives a welcoming look and is strong from a security point of view. It should also provide smooth operation and be able to take the daily wear & wear. For rooms, light-weight Wooden Doors are the most popular choice. Depending on your budget there are options available whether to go for simple, elegant hollow core wooden or the more stylish, solid core doors.

Wooden Doors are not the only option though, for example in the case of Kitchens and Bathrooms they may not be best suited due to the wetness factor. For such applications Aluminium Bi-fold doors or give a good option.

Wooden Doors

Affordable, and mostly used for rooms, they offer variety in colour, styles and wood types.

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Bi-Fold Doors in showroom

Bi-Fold Doors

Durable, easy to use, conserve space and come in variety of single colour or design acrylic panels.

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The Grilles N Glass Advantage

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Our Happy Customers

We wanted to change the windows and main door of our resale HDB flat.  We found GrillesNGlass from the internet and read some of their customer testimonials.


Windows and Doors for Cassia Crescent Unit

GrillesNGlass helped to replace our old corridor louvre window with a new set with white aluminium framing. We are very happy with the outcome and got them to install a Glass Door for our Kitchen also.

Corridor Window for Ang Mo Kio HDB Unit