Sliding Doors

A Sliding Door is a two or more-panel fixture that provides enclosure and access to the outside or between rooms. Also known as Patio Doors, think of them as a full-size taller sliding window set that covers from ceiling to floor rather than just the top half.

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Advantages and Applications of Sliding Doors

Besides offering the functionality of a door, the glass panel doors allow for natural light. Sliding Doors are also much more space efficient since they do not need addition room to open or close. The one-way interlocking mechanism between the panels ensures that the doors provide complete coverage without any gaps.

Glass Sliding Doors

Just like windows you can choose the type of glass to match your home décor. Variety of glass types are available – Normal Sheet Glass, Tempered Glass, Wire mesh Glass, Tinted Glass, and Patterned Glass. As for the frames, Aluminium metal frame are best suited since they are corrosion and rust resistant.

Full-width glass panel sliding doors with two or more panels are usually preferred for large entrances. Typically for front and balcony entrances in landed homes it is quite common find these days

Acrylic Sliding Doors

Instead of Glass Acrylic is the other alternative one may use for the Door Panels. They are much lighter and may provide more colour & design options. These are recommended for frequent use applications like Kitchen & bathroom entrances, they are also the popular choice for sink cabinets.

Top Hung Sliding Doors

Typical Sliding Glass Doors will have a bottom track to facilitate the movement of the door panels. And this may cause a hindrance with something to watch out for while moving around.

In Top Hung Sliding, the door is usually hung by trolley hangers at the top of the door that may run in a concealed track. The weight is borne by the hangers which makes the door easier to move. The effortless gliding motion (while opening and closing) and the track-free floor offered by this type of door setup is the main attraction of top hung sliders.

Though Top Hung Doors can get shaky and may swing sideways a bit, it still offers a great option because there’s less floor cleaning effort involved and also elderly friendly (given the growing senior population in Singapore). Though top hung type can be employed it is not advisable if Glass panels are heavy and its safer and more robust to have still have a bottom track.

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In Singapore, Sliding Doors are the preferred choice for room partitioning or Balcony access. We have supplied and installed glass and acrylic sliding doors to many satisfied homeowners over the past decade.

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