window grille guide for homewoners

“He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home” said a German writer of acclaim and rightly so.  To be at peace and maintain tranquility your abode and its immediate surroundings play a big role.

Every home, be it big or small, has windows. Windows are the equivalent of eyes to a house and with windows going hand in hand are Grilles. Yes, grilles not only serve aesthetically but are an essential safety & security element. Together they are an integral part of the architectural style and décor of one’s home.

In addition, being an object of day-to-day usage, windows especially need general upkeep and maintenance to prevent any mishaps. Proper guidance and tips can go a long way in pre-empting common problems. And if they do happen, then having the right know-how can help you recover quickly.

So, with this mind we have come up with this guide to help you in buying and maintaining your set of Windows & Grilles.


Who should be reading & Why?

This guide is for HDB, Condo and Landed House owners in Singapore who are –

  • New homeowners and planning to renovate their home
  • Existing owners intending to refurbish their Window Grilles
  • All homemakers who take pride in the upkeep of their homes

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And to answer the Why…. Did you know that in a typical home renovation project, Windows and Grilles constitute up to 15 to 20% of total budget spend?  So, it pays to do due diligence at the buying stage to ensure that your investment is well protected and utilised well in the years to come.

Tapping on our years of experience in fabricating, installing and fixing Glass Windows and Metal Grilles in Singapore we have put together this guide which will come handy and eliminate some of your anxiety in the procurement and installation process.  In the same vein, provide guidance in taking care of the Windows and Grilles in your home.


The 6-stage process to having the right set of Windows & Grilles for your Home

We don’t indulge in home renovations or deal with window contractors every frequently, do we? As homeowners, we may go thru this once or maybe twice in say 10 years. Following a procedure and being mindful of key tasks can surely help in getting things done to our satisfaction.

Here what a typical process broken down into 6 distinct stages looks like –

Stage 1 - Determining your Requirements

Windows and grilles can change the look of the entire house! With so many options available, how do you choose the right window for your home? Knowing that windows and grilles constitute a hefty portion of your renovation budget, doing some homework beforehand can save you from repair work in the future. The type of windows and frame color; type and color of glass; and the type, color and design of grilles are some important factors to consider. Getting the family involved can turn out to be a fun project as well!

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Stage 2 - Hiring a Contractor

Once your requirements have been identified, it is time to search for a contractor. Should you get your windows and grilles from direct factory or a window grille contractor? Where to find cheap window grilles? Finding a BCA/HDB approved contractor who can deliver according to your specifications and budget is no easy task. With proper planning and prep work this can be accomplished with ease.

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Stage 3 - Installation of Windows and Grilles

After awarding the order to the most suited Contractor, it’s time to get ready for the installation at your premises and inspect if the work is delivered as per your expectations.

Pre-Installation precautions –

For New homeowners renovating their home

  • Arrange access to the premises for the Contractor’s Staff
  • Wall painting if being done, should be carried out after the Windows are installed
  • Grilles on the other hand should be installed after the painting work is completed. Cleaning the grille bars (if they get splashed with paint) is tedious

For Existing homeowners refurbishing their home

  • Remove soft and hard furnishings near the window area
  • Cover the floor with cardboards

Post-installation checks –

  • Slide the Windows slowly to check for any obstructions. If the levelling, tracks and rollers are proper, the Windows should slide smoothly with ease
  • Check the locking mechanism on each Window panel, if the alignment between panels is proper then the lock will fit well with the latch
  • Check if provision for drain holes & apertures is made in the bottom track frame and the angle strip so that rain water does not collect
  • For Casement Windows check if the panes get fastened without any gaps upon closure. Also check the levers/handles for any loose screws
  • While flaws may surface later upon actual usage, the warranty period should protect you from material or workmanship defects (if any)

Choosing an approved contractor for installation is highly recommended as they are knowledgeable about the best practices and more likely to follow procedures and guidelines prescribed by HDB / BCA.

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Stage 4 - On-going Maintenance & Upkeep

Now that your home is fitted with new windows and grilles, it’s only natural that you’d want them looking new at all times. Windows take a lot of abuse from external elements. Knowing how to care for your windows will keep them in good form and at its optimum.

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Stage 5 - Handling Common Problems

Day to day usage will come with its own set of problems. Knowing how to handle common problems will be to your advantage as you need not call the handyman for every little thing. With some elbow grease and DIY know-how, you will be fixing your windows like a pro!

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Stage 6 - Ensuring Window Safety

In Singapore, majority of people live in high-rise apartments. Windows should be properly fitted and not be a safety hazard especially to outsiders. Cleaning the exteriors of windows and grilles can also be quite dangerous. If you have a helper who will be cleaning your windows, it is your responsibility to educate her on safety.

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Quick Summary for the Busy Homeowner

Too long, didn’t read? Here’s a quick wrap-up…

1. Gather Requirements

Determine what you want very clearly, preparing a documented list helps

2. Hire a Contractor

Be ready with the info before engaging a Contractor, know what to ask & evaluate before hiring

3. Installation Precautions

Prepare your premises and do a post-installation inspection

4. Upkeep and Maintenance

Maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance regime to keep your Windows and Grilles in good working condition

5. Fixing Problems

Know and pre-empt common problems. Most can be DIY fixed

6. Ensure Safety

Be aware of safety hazards for inhabitants as well as for outsiders

With the many renovation contractors and window grille suppliers offering services here, it can get confusing to whom you’d want to entrust the job. Though the task seems daunting, it can be made easy by following the suggested process. After which you can sit back and enjoy the view!

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