Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors are the basic, most used doors for rooms and as main doors. And why not, the front door of your home is the first impression a visitor gets. The first thing we grab when we arrive and the last thing we touch when we leave so its natural why many of us still like our doors to be made of wood.  The material’s warmth, durability and the many design options available makes it the ideal choice.

Wood Materials for the Doors

A solid core Wooden Door is the unanimous choice for the front door. For rooms, a hollow core Wooden Door is just nice. It’s good to understand the pros and cons of a solid core vs hollow core door

Wrought Iron Grilles
Classic Wooden Door
Nyatoh Wooden Door

Solid Core Door

Better with heat and sound insulation, since it embodies a solid piece of material

Better security against intruders and thieves, since these are difficult to break open

Pricier, but more suitable for exterior doors

Heavier, can withstand extra wear & tear and more durable against extreme weather conditions

Hollow Core Door

Air pockets inside allows more heat and sound to pass, so not as effective as solid core for insulation

Easier to break down, much weaker from a security standpoint

Less expensive than solid core

Lighter and succumb to weather conditions more easily, may need early replacement

Types of Wooden Doors in Singapore

At Grilles N Glass we deal in mainly in 3 types of the wood doors which are commonly found across Singapore, they are –

Solid Core Door

They are made or Nyatoh wood which is strong, resistant to denting and marring. Though Teak wood would set a higher standard in terms of durability, Nyatoh doors weather well for outdoor applications and is used as an alternative to Teak which tends to be more expensive. Solid core Nyatoh doors are commonly used as main entrance doors and take well to stain and polish.

Classic Doors

These provide a simple, elegant and cost-effective option. Available in a range of beautifully modelled front & back panels these are ideal for bedroom doors. These take on colors and varnish well, giving you the flexibility to match them with your room décor.

Veneer Doors

Veneer Doors offer a flat, consistent and uniform panel for doors, they are basically made of veneers (thin slices of wood) glued onto the core to give a neat finish. Due to their sleek looks and variety of designs and styles available, Veneer Doors are much sought after by homeowners nowadays. They tend to be a bit pricier than the contemporary doors though.

Fire Rated Doors

A Fire Rated (fire resistant) door is a door that is made specially to delay or prevent the spread of fire. These are often installed in public and office buildings but in Singapore these are mandated by HDB/BCA for residential units where the main door is along the fire escape route (i.e. opening into passageways and lift lobbies)
Fire Rated Doors are can only be installed by HDB licensed contractors such as Grilles N Glass. It entails applying for a permit. In terms of types and design we provide both the Varnish & Veneer styles.

Grilles N Glass has been fitting Wooden Doors for Singapore homes & offices since many years. All our door installations include good quality Door knobs/levers with a standard lock & key function.

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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