Tempered Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of glass which is used when strength, safety and thermal resistance are important considerations. Also referred to as Safety Glass it is typically used when normal glass could pose a potential danger, for Tempered Glass is almost five times stronger than standard glass.

Frameless Tempered Glass Door
Tempered Glass

How is Tempered Glass Different?

Tempered Glass is manufactured through a process of intense heating then followed by rapid cooling, making it harder and stronger than normal glass. All customization work on the glass such as cutting, grinding, hole-drilling, etc have to be done on the glass prior to the tempering. This is mainly to mitigate the risk of causing the glass to fracture due to such procedures.

Another key difference as compared to normal glass is that it does not break into sharp large shards when broken. Instead it disintegrates into smaller granular pebble-like chunks which are less likely to cause serious injury.

Applications of Tempered Glass

Due to its properties, Tempered Glass is used a variety of applications such as glass entrances, doors, windows, storefronts, shower enclosures, tabletops and so on. A special type of tempered glass can often be found in automobiles, is called laminated tempered glass. This is basically tempered glass, which is laminated between two sheets of plastic, which provides safety in the event of an impact. Depending the application glass of varying thickness can be used either in clear or green shades.

Tempered Glass Doors

Usage of Tempered Glass for doors is increased tremendously over the years. Here in Singapore it is the preferred material for fameless glass doors and glass panelling in offices. Likewise, in the residential space homeowners opt for its safety advantage.

Tempered Glass Work by Grilles N Glass

Grilles N Glass has undertaken many interior decoration projects both commercial and residential. For commercial establishments, we have supplied and installed Tempered Glass for storefronts, shelves, office entrances and so on.

Similarly, for home improvement projects we have helped many homeowners in beautifying their home décor by setting up Tempered Glass panels for balcony and staircase railings, shower screens, cabinet & entrance doors, windows and many other custom designs to meet given requirements.

We are able to provide you with innovative ideas for any commercial or domestic glass choice of designs and installation services, we can even coordinate with your contractors or interior designers to fulfil your dream.

We offer direct factory price with latest designs and excellent workmanship

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