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At Grilles N Glass, we fully appreciate the effect that Windows, Grilles and Doors have on home decor and security. As a preferred Window Grille Contactor in Singapore, we have helped hundreds of home and office owners choose and install the right choice of Windows and Grilles making a difference to their well-being.

Grilles for Home Safety

Home security is paramount for any individual who cares about his family. Window Grilles and Door Gates go a long away in protecting your property from trespassing and unauthorised entry, safeguarding you always from intruders, thieves or burglars. They also function as a pre-emptive safety measure, especially if your unit is on a high floor. If you have young children or pets, Grilles ensure that they do not fall off from the windows or walk out of the home unsupervised.

Windows for Picturesque Views

Correctly chosen Windows give the home a nice and cosy effect at the same time bring in ample of light, breeze and ventilation. And if your room comes with a good outdoor view then having the right set of Windows is even more important, you certainly do not want to obstruct your external view with poorly planned/designed Windows.

Doors for Welcoming Entrances

Doors are an integral part of your home. Essential, imperative elements that guard your abode making it accessible, liveable and protected. Glass and Wooden Doors also are a vital element of room décor. In addition to maintaining your privacy they can also enhance your interior decorations. Give the best impression to your visitor with warmth & durability

Happy Homeowners

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