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The next step after Window installation for most home owners is undoubtedly covering the Windows to make the home interior warm & cosy.  And with the plethora of options available for home décor you may need to think hard as to which one is best suited for your home.

So, let us introduce you to 3 popular Window Treatment options along with the If’s and But’s for each type to help you make the right decision.


1.  Curtains & Drapery

Also known as Drapes, a curtain’s intended purpose is to shield the indoors from sunlight and also provide privacy to the inhabitants.  This simple, yet effective option for Window Treatment has been around since ages.  Besides the primary purpose of covering and concealing, Curtains offer an excellent way to enrich the aesthetic appeal of your home décor.‍‍‍

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The multi-functional role of Curtains makes them the top choice for window coverings amongst homeowners and operators in the tourism & wellness sector.  Classy drapery has always been an integral part in the gamut of soft furnishings that are required for an interior decoration endeavour.

Styling Options for Window Curtains

The wide range of styles and designs that Curtains can be made in, leaves one spoilt for choice.  Curtains can be put up in a variety of configurations.  Styling types can be based on –

Choice of Fabric used

  • Type & material of Fabric – Light, medium or heavy weight fabric
  • Pattern and Colour of the fabric

Hanging Mechanism used

  • Rod based with Pocket, Tab Top, Ring Top, Eyelet and so on
  • Track based with hooks

Pleats and Fold Style that are applied

  • Pinch pleats, French pleats, pencil pleats, single/double pleats, grommets and so on

Design styled with Swag & Valance

  • Different Valance/Swag styles – Scalloped, Arched, Straight and so on‍‍‍

DIY, Readymade or Made to order?

In its simplest form a Curtain can be piece of cloth covering a window, doorway or a wall opening.  Going by this definition, attempting a DIY window curtain certainly does not sound intimidating.  So, one can choose the fabric, cut to size, hem the border and hang it to the fixture in place.

In fact, in this day and age ready-made curtains are the very popular and can be easily bought from a furnishings store.  Assumi‍‍‍ng your windows or doorways are of the standard size all one needs is to choose from available designs and they’ll be good enough in keeping the day light under control.

Made to Order Curtains are a must if you are looking at something elaborate.  Such as –

Day and Night Curtains which consist of 2 separate layers of fabrics.  These curtains which are effective during the day time and night time are best tailored and custom made

Thick multi-layered opaque curtains, also known as Blackout Curtains.  These are not only good in blocking out the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun, but can also absorb sound thereby offering sound proofing benefits

High end drapery like Valance Curtains.  These are sought by home and facility owners who’d like to add grandeur and opulence to their main rooms


2.  Window Blinds and Shades

roller-blind-in-meeting-roomAs compared to Curtains which have been used since centuries, Blinds are a newer entrant in the realm of Window Treatment ‍‍‍options.  But Window Blinds today have matured enough to offer a commendable alternative to Curtains.  And in the context of functionality & ease of use they even outperform the erstwhile Curtain.

Devised from a fairly simple system of slats which are held together by cords that run through them, Blinds have the ability to regulate the amount of light needed with tremendous precision.  Just by a twist of the rod, the slats can be tilted to control the quantum of day light required for the indoors.  And if privacy is needed they can be turned all the way to shut the view completely.  Slats can also be stacked tightly by a simple pull of the cords causing the blinds to fully open letting the sun shine through.

Besides the manual way of controlling, motorised blinds are a sophisticated alternative of operating blinds, either through a handheld‍‍‍ remote control or wall switch.  These are quite common in Singapore corporate boardrooms and high class event facilities.

When and ‍‍‍Where to use Blinds?

Blinds are the preferred option to cover glass panels and large windows of offices and commercial establishment in Singapore‍‍‍, mainly due to the professional and smart look they offer to the interiors.  These days Window Blinds have been accepted for home décor as well due to the choice of fabrics available on hand.  One may however choose the decorative appeal of Drapes if they wish to have a regal look for their rooms.

When it comes to functionality and user-friendliness it’s hard to find an alternative to Blinds because of the ease they offer in controlling light and privacy.  Sliding and opening ‍‍‍regular Curtains would seem to be a chore in comparison to the effortless operation that Blinds have to offer.

Cleaning Blinds however could be a task if the room is prone to dust and dirt since horizontal slats are prone to holding the deb‍‍‍ris.


3.  Window Films

Decorative and Frosted Films also an offer a commendable option to treat windows and doors.  Films are not just limited to glass panelling and partitions typically found in commercial establishments.  Films with decorative patterns, texture and colours can be installed for Window Glass to add privacy as well as the décor element for the residential indoors.

Window Films also give the added advantage of easier of cleaning and upkeep.  Once applied properly maintenance is the least hassle compared to Curtains and blinds. What’s more, many of the films help keep out harmful UV rays of sun.  So, besides the privacy, décor and maintainability advantage they also provide protection from harmful sun rays.

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