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Up to the Window height (a.k.a. Sill)? Up to the ground (a.k.a. Floor)? or all the way to the floor and beyond (a.k.a. Puddle)?  These are some of the common lengths to choose from for your window dressing.  Your curtains should look like they were designed specifically for your windows, not someone else’s!  So how do you decide which curtain length to go for?

Choosing the length for the right Ambience

Knowing the look you want to achieve for a particular room will lead you towards determining the right curtain length.  Here’s a brief on the 3 types mentioned earlier, that will tell you which one is suited in what setting –

Sill length curtains – for a casual, relaxed and informal appearance.  These curtains stop at or just below the window sill.  Ideal for small rooms with wide windows, kitchens and especially so for children’s room.  Short curtains also pre-empt any safety hazard to young children who have a tendency to wrap themselves around or hide behind them.  The curtains can be tied back to allow more natural light into a dark room‍‍‍.

Floor length curtains – for a formal and classy room, floor length curtains that just barely touch the floor or about ½ inch above the floor are a good choice.  Perfect for a guest room, dining and living rooms,‍‍‍ emitting a formal ambience.  This is one of the most common and popular choice for most décor styles.  Leave them drawn to add drama to a room (especially if you have a home theatre); half opened for a light, airy feel or fully opened for a clean, sleek look.  Another great room inspiration is to leave them half opened and tied back.

Puddle length curtains – for an elegant, opulent and romantic impression, these extra-long curtains can’t go wrong.  Just like the name suggests, this curtain length creates a light puddle on the floor.  Make it with luxurious, thick or sheer fabric to enhance the look of the room.  Ideal for rooms with bay windows, balconies, dens and master bedroom.  Due to the fabric gathering on the floor, choose this length for stationary curtains which don’t need frequent drawing & opening…you don’t want you curtains mopping your floor!  Looks best when left opened with folds nicely arranged on the floor.

Safety aspects that come into p‍‍‍lay

Your curtains should not be a safety hazard in your home.  Choosing the right curtain length for a particular room should be well thought of, and pre-planning is of utmost importance.  If you have kids or pets in the house then keep them in mind when planning for customized curtains.  When installing curtains in your kitchen windows, keep in mind that the stove is ‍‍‍not near a window.  Such windows should not have any curtains for they can be a fire hazard.

Choosing the length of your curtains is ultimately one’s own choice.  However, keeping in mind the above considerations can go a long way in having a pleasant experience.

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