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The‍‍‍ type of curtain and the way it is draped can greatly influence how your room looks.  With the myriad styles and designs available these days, you will be spoilt for choice (or rather confused).  One of the factors that dictate the Curtain Styling is the method of hanging that you’ll go for.  So, how do you know which type of fixtures and fittings would best suit your needs?  Let’s try to get the basics with some of these easy tips.

Types of Wall Fixtures available for hanging Curtains

Fundamentally there are 2 types – Rods and Tracks.


types of rods to hang curtainsThis is a very traditional way of hanging curtains.  There are a few types of rods available depending on your needs.  Rods are usually ended off with Finials, which are decorative ornaments, attached to the rod.  Curtain rods usually come with their required mounting hardware which may also include a set of rings with hooks.  Alternatively, you may choose to buy them separately.

Rods are a popular choice as they can ‍‍‍be used for a wide variety of curtains.  Though aesthetically pleasing with a variety of forms, design and colours, rods may not be suitable for all types of fabrics.

Some of the popular types of Rods that can be found in Hardware stores are –

The Classic Rod with finials at the ends.

The Return Rod which is an adjustable U-shaped rod.  These are ideal for blocking out sunlight since the drape can be pulled into the curved sides.

The Tension Rod.  This is the easiest to mount as no hardware is required which relieves you from hassle of drilling holes in the wall.  However, this is also the most flimsy.


Tracks allows for easy movement of drapes.  They are usually made of either plastic or metal and can be attached on the wall or the ceiling.  Curtains are hooked onto carriers or sliders found inside the tracks.   Curtains on tracks are not limited by the type of fabric an‍‍‍d can also take on heavy drapes without any sagging effect.  A certain type of track called the traverse rod comes with a pulley system that allows you to open and close the curtain by pulling a cord at the side.  Tracks are an excellent choice when hanging two or more layered curtains.

Other unconventional, quick & dirty way of hanging curtains would be by using hooks nailed into walls, strings and cables.

A brief look at the hardware and fittings needed in the curtain hanging process have been specified in the table below.  This can help take away the guesswork in choosing the right hanging method.

right hanging methods

Now that you know the fixtures available and the different types of hardware that go with it, go ahead and beautify your windows.  Getting the right type of hardware for your professionally sewn drapes is the first step in your Window Treatment journey‍‍‍!

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