French Glass doors with black frames

Black Framed glass doors and windows date way back to the 19th century style. It was and is still used in factories, industries, warehouses and even in greenhouses. However, modern day home designers are now using this classic style in today’s homes. Black Framed glass doors, panel partitions and French windows are becoming a favourite with many home owners. Why?…

Homes in Singapore nowadays are much smaller and compact in size, and many like it as it visually enlarges the area and opens up the space thereby giving it an inviting and stylish look. They are simple, elegant and also perfect for creating contrast!


Why they may make an ideal choice?

Black windows and glass doors look very modern, they add sophistication to space and create a dramatic contrast against the white walls. Some absolute reasons to consider installing Black Frame doors

  • The distinct contrast from white walls to black framed glass doors bring in the industrial look of trendy interior designing
  • Living areas in studio homes can be divided into separate living and study using folding glass panel doors yet combining the two whenever needed. This visually makes the place look larger and stylish
  • Glass panel doors in bedrooms can merge or divide the sleeping area from the walk-in wardrobe area
  • In larger homes, whether it’s the patio door or the large French doors opening out into the garden or lawn, black framed doors are the best option. They give a simple and yet a very elegant look to the home

All types of Black Framed Glass Doors, be it French doors, Bi-fold, or 3 panel sliding doors create a perfect transition between your home and the airy well-lit outdoors. When installed properly and efficiently they add the ultimate décor statement to your home.

Dilemma – White Frames versus Black Frames

Both White and Black colours are considered simple and basic. These colours always look elegant and timeless and go well with most interior styles. While white frames have always been popular for home décor, is White the only and the rightful colour to choose?

contrasting windows against white walls

In my honest opinion…

Black offers a compelling alternative and may also provide the best fit, however there are certain pros and cons you might want to consider before choosing Black as your final choice. 


  • Ideal and strong Contrast – Light coloured walls and sleek black frames for doors and windows create an ideal contrast and perfectly complement the rest of the interior design too.
  • Lesser Maintenance – Black frames require no treatments and are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Openness and Vastness – Black doors and windows create a stronger connection with the nature and the outdoors. They provide a perfect frame to admire the view.
  • Dramatic, Modern Look – Black may seem bold, but it has a style of its own! It’s like wearing a classic black suit. Trendy, chic and appealing to the eye always!


  • Beating the heat – Black colour absorbs heat. If your home is facing the western sun, then the house can become very hot. You might have to consider to have drapes or blinds put keep the area cool.
  • Character homes – If your home is designed as a character home with a lot of charm, then black frames look like as if they just don’t belong there. They don’t fit well in the theme.


Common point for both Black and White Frames

Either black or white, the aluminium frames are typically powder coated for longer lasting and durability. As the frames are always exposed to the elements of nature like sun, rain, wind and in some places even snow, the powder coating helps to meet the need for high quality product and maintain low cost for the home décor.

So, Good Luck with the choice you make!


Are Black Frames a trend or will they fade away?

Changing trends

Fashion is something that is a huge part of our lives and practically rules us. And why not !! Fashion gives us a status and purpose to feel content for money well spent! So whether its dressing yourself or your home, one should always be fashion conscious and trendy.

Home design trends are constantly changing from year to year. Home owners always find it hard to decide on what interior choices to make. Black Framed glass doors and windows always add that sophisticated look to the home, no matter what style you choose to decorate your home, be it Classic, Bali, Mediterranean, Contemporary or even the trendy Industrial look. Design your home in a way that’s always in style and never goes out of fashion.

Black Frame Door in Singapore Showroom

Black Frame Folding Door Grilles N Glass Showroom

Your journey ends here!

Both black and white frames doors and windows look beautiful and timeless depending on the nature of your home décor. Making the right decision can be time consuming and challenging too. With a wide range of ideas and expert advice from Grilles & Glass, you can be rest assured that the choices you have made will make you a proud and happy homeowner.


Happy window and door shopping!

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