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Window Blinds are one of the most versatile ways to cover Windows.  Neat looks, easy to use and flexibility of material are some of the attributes that make them a preferred choice for interior decorators and home & office owners.

Besides the conventional Horizontal Blinds made of aluminium/wooden planks and Vertical Blinds that are typically available in fabric or flat/embossed plastic; there are few other lesser known ones that you should be in the know of.

In this post, let’s do a roundup of 5 types of the Window Blinds that you may want to consider if you have chosen Blinds as your Window Treatment option.

Vertical Blinds

Living room doors with blindsThe vertical or curtain blind, also known as Lamellae, gives any room a fuller, more spacious appearance and is ideal for large, sliding or swinging, windo‍‍‍ws and doors.  At the same time, it is also ideal for small, compact spaces of urban Singaporean apartments or offices. The other special ability of a vertical blind is its command over light. Due to its vertical spread, one can block out the sun in a certain part of the room while allowing light into another part, better with a vertical blind than any other.

Vertical blinds can either slide open from one side to another or then the slats can be rotated to let in as much light, whenever desired.  Apart from being functionally adept and elegant, vertical blinds are popular for their wide variety of colours, patterns and d‍‍‍esigns.  Their versatility has led them to be adopted by homeowners to cover various fixtures such as large glass panels, balcony door and windows.

Types of Slat Materi‍‍‍als for Vertical Blinds

  • Faux wood/Wood – Faux wood and wooden slats are popular for vertical‍‍‍ blinds as they offer an attractive texture.  The wood can be tinted or stained into matching shades.  Faux wood is lighter than regular wood.
  • Solar screen– These are modern options in slats and are made of material that allows one to look through yet be protected by harmful UV rays.  They are available in varying opacity, easy to maintain and durable.
  • Standard fabrics and materials – Common fabrics such as cotton, nylon or silk can be utilized for vertical blinds.  These materials are light and quiet when operating. Vinyl, polyesters or PVC can also be used for these blinds.  Any of these fabrics or materials can be decorated or embossed for enhanced aesthetic beauty.

Venetian Blinds

Windows with horizontal blindsIn the wide world of window blinds, Venetian blinds are the most popular of all varieties.  This is due to their adaptability and urban good looks.

The Venetian blind is recognised by its characteristic slanting planks that can lean almost completely horizontal to let in light and air or turn to stand upright for total blockage.  It is in this way that these blinds are flexible enough to cater to any level of illumination in a required room.

The planks or slats on Venetian b‍‍‍linds are usually made of aluminium, plastic or wood.  The popularity of Venetian blinds is boosted by the wide range of innovative designs and colours in which they are available, allowing them to co-ordinate well with any Singaporean home or office interiors.

Where can Venetian Blinds be installed

Due to their adaptability and wide range, Venetian blinds suit almost any window type and can be installed anywhere.  Even then, here are a few situations in which these blin‍‍‍ds fit best:

Windy Area: Since unlike curtains, Venetian blinds are not made of flowing material or fabrics, one can keep the blinds partially open in‍‍‍ a windy room without having to worry about the curtains flying about.  Venetian blinds allow for the breeze to flow in while maintaining a neat and sleek appearance.

Office: Since curtains tend to give a homely look to any room, it is preferable to install Venetian blinds in your office space.  They regulate light and air and add to the formal look of the premises.

Compact room: Curtains appear to take up more space than a Venetian blind.  So for a smaller area, it’s a smarter choice to install Venetian blinds instead of long, thick space consuming curtains.

Toddlers room: Of‍‍‍ten young children tend to play with curtains, swinging off them for fun! This can be dangerous as it may cause the curtain rod to get disengaged, causing the entire component to crash down over the child.  One can prevent this by installing Venetian Blinds, though one needs to be careful of placement of the side cords.

Kitchen Space: Curtains in the kitchen can be hazardous especially if appliances or the cooking range is anywhere near them.  Venetian blinds are ideal for any kitchen space and add to the neatness of the room.

Roman Blinds

Pleated blinds for windowRoman blinds also known as Roman shades, originated from Italy. They are in fact, an age old window dressing tradition that has evolved and improvised with the changing times.  The main function of Roman blinds was to block out harsh sun rays from residential windows.  Today, while they continue to perform their prime duty, of keepi‍‍‍ng the Singaporean sun at bay, they also manage to beautify numerous local landed homes and Condo/HBD apartments.

A Roman blind is characterised by its typical folding style which stacks up uniformly when shut, and when the blind is open, it appears to be one smooth piece of window covering, some with segments and others without.  These blinds can be made of a wide range of materials including wood, vinyl or various fabrics.

Roller Blinds

Glazing with roller blindsWindow blinds are a relatively recent invention, created to replace the traditional curtain as a more modern window covering.  Roller blinds are the most convenient and affordable of all blind varieties.  They are installed in many contemporary ‍‍‍Singaporean homes and offices due to their formal, no nonsense appearance.

The convenience of a Roller blind is defined by its easy to operate mechanism which involves a simple chain pulley system that can be controlled by anyone.  Blinds fit close to the window and give a neat, compact look.  One can install them to block out excessive light and heat while adding to a room’s aesthetic finish.

Advantages of Roller Blinds

Operation and Maintenance: Easy to operate with its pulley or winding systems. Simple to maintain and keep clean due to the treatment applied for the purpose of stiffening the material – No folds and corners
Longevity: Due to the fabrics commonly used for roller blinds, and the treatment, they are more durable and do not need to be replaced that often‍‍‍
Adaptability: Wide variety of material allows roller blinds to adapt to any home or office space
Attractiveness: Numerous choices of fabrics, prints and colours to suit and enhance the interiors of any room

Bamboo Blinds

Doors with blindsBamboo blinds are window coverings or shades woven from natural, eco-friendly bamboo.  It is a woven piece of art that can dress up any window.  Depending on the degree of light infiltration desired, the weave can vary‍‍‍ from a loosely arranged pattern to a tighter, more intricate one.

The speciality of the bamboo material is that it has a natural cooling effect which is ideal for the Singaporean sun. When an intricately woven bamboo blind is shut, it can completely block out the sun, while a loosely woven one allows a beautiful patterned hue of light to penetrate through.  Added to which bamboo is classy, while being naturally warm and inviting. It has a unique way of dressing up a window unlike any other material.

Bamboo blinds are highly adaptable and can suit almost any ‘interior theme’ due to their neutral appearance and availability in various wooden shades. If one opts to however, one can fashion the look of an entire room around its bamboo blinds, and create a personalised earthy environment. Hence the role bamboo blinds play in the aesthetics of your home, depends entirely on how you choose to display them.‍‍‍

Advantages of bamboo blinds

Bamboo is one variety of grass that grows faster than it is cut, making it a viable, eco-friendly option. It is sturdy while being lightweight.  When maintained, bamboo blinds are long lasting and therefore, good value for money.  And according to feng shui principles, keeping bamb‍‍‍oo in the house brings good luck!

Blinds and Shades provide some very distinct advantages over curtains and drapes in terms on maintainability and professional look.  And it’s no wonder they are most sought for Offices and workspaces.  But the availability of Roman and Bamboo Blinds brings a commendable option for residential use as well.

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