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Being a homeowner maintaining windows and grilles in sound condition is entirely one’s own responsibility. So, when problems arise from wear & tear and day in day out usage…. timely advice on basic window repair would surely help you overcome common issues encountered.

With a bit of DIY, smart tips and the good old toolbox you can be the handyman for your home. Let us find out how.


Common Problem 1: Jammed Windows

Primary causes for Windows getting jammed are –

Lack of maintenance

Maintaining a regular schedule for cleaning and lubricating moving parts generally helps alleviate the problem of stuck windows.  Proper cleaning and removal of dirt and grime from the tracks (for Sliding Windows) or arms (for Casement Windows) followed by oiling with lubricants such as WD 40 or Singer Oil is sufficient.

keeping windows in good condition

Wear & Tear or damage to moving parts

Sliding Windows may get stuck due to damaged rollers.  So, replacing with a new set should help overcome this problem.  A bend or damage to the sliding tracks is another cause for the window to jam, but this is usually rare.

Casement Window arms embody the moving mechanism for these windows and should be replaced if they get spoilt or corroded over time.  Stainless Steel rivets have been mandated by HDB/BCA for Casement Windows in Singapore.


Common Problem 2: Rust & Scratches

Rusted areas or metal exposing scratches are often an eyesore and no homeowner would want to leave them untreated.  Iron is susceptible to rust and Wrought Iron Grilles are no exception.  They will rust sooner than later if they are in contact with rain.  Aluminium on the other hand is rust free, however powder coating done for the Grille and Window frames is not immune to the occasional scratch which can expose the grey metal and make it look ugly.

How to treat rusted parts –

  1. Scrub away the rust with a hardwire brush
  2. Use a medium-grit sandpaper and scrub thoroughly thereby preparing the metal for painting
  3. Apply a matching enamel paint which should be available at your nearby paint shop

How to treat scratches –

  1. First clean the surface with a cloth to wipe off the dust
  2. For shallow, small scratches apply the ubiquitous GIF liquid
  3. For more serious grazes and scratches, use small quantity of thinner then followed by an oil-based enamel paint.

For powder coated frames, do note that painting with a brush may not do a perfect job, if the patching work is considerable.  So, it’s highly recommended that you take help of your Window Contractor.


Common Problem 3: Broken Window Glass

Window Glass can crack for a variety of reasons.  Resulting glass shards and splinters are very dangerous objects that can cut, blind or cause other grievous injuries.  Incidents of cracked windows should be dealt with utmost care and fixed immediately.  In such a situation you can take the following steps to begin with –

  1. Carefully apply a masking or double-sided tape that you’d have in your home. This should at least hold the glass in its place preventing it from dropping on the floor
  2. Cover the window pane with a newspaper, if possible on both sides. This not only gives enough visual indication to the undiscerning person of the danger, but also prevents glass pieces from dropping due to wind
  3. Refrain from opening or closing the window

Replacing broken window panes is not a straightforward DIY task, so it’s best to book an appointment with your local Window Contractor.  In most cases one would not need to remove the window frame.


Common Problem 4: Water Leakage from Rain

Water leakage is mainly due to gaps. Gaps between window frame and the wall due to improper levelling in the fenestration of your unit, gaps between your window and the frame at the joints due to shoddy installation; or it could also be due to collected rainwater not being able to drain from the bottom window track.  Usually, light showers do not cause much trouble but when its heavy rain combined with wind it may bring water indoors.

rainwater leakage

In the former case, if you have been able to identify the few probable spots where the gap is, they need to be sealed.  You will need a caulk gun or an expanding foam spray from your nearby hardware store to caulk the spaces between the wall and the frame.

For leakage due to rainwater not being able to drain out (in case of Sliding Windows) you should check if there’s proper provisioning of drain holes & apertures in the bottom track frame and the angle strip.  Window Contractors are expected to ensure their workmanship caters to this need.

For Casement Windows, water seepage may also happen if the inner rubber lining has worn off or cracked.


Window Repair Services by a Contractor

A typical window set in a Singapore HDB flat undergoes considerable amount of wear and tear. Given the tropical climate that we live in opening and closing of window panes is a routine affair. While many of the problems can be overcome with preventive maintenance and some DIY initiative, the more complex ones need expertise of a specialist. It also becomes imperative to maintain windows in good condition for safety reasons. Once a year window inspection can give provide you with peace of mind. So, it is best to seek help from an approved Window Contractor in such cases. 

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