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Windows are the eyes of your home. Clear and well-maintained windows make our house look brighter and help us enjoy the views and fresh air that comes in through it. However, to enjoy these benefits, one needs to be a responsible home owner in regard to the upkeep and maintenance of the Windows and Grilles.

Windows that are shaky, loose or with faulty/damaged hardware can pose a huge safety risk due to possible glass shattering and even falling off accidentally. So, in this post, let me share essential information needed to ensure good and safe upkeep of the windows in your home.


Considerations for Window & Grille Maintenance

While safety of your family and everyone else living in your neighbourhood is the key factor to observe a strict maintenance regime, here are other important factors to take note of –

Regulations in Singapore

Under Section 9 of the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA), home owners are required to maintain and keep their homes in a good condition. Under the BMSMA, if a window falls due to lack of maintenance and neglect, home owners could face a fine of $10,000 and/or jail term of up to one year.

For home owners, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) have stringent rules and laws for maintaining the properties which includes windows especially. This is for the safety and security of the community and the environment. Refer to the HDB or BCA’s websites for guidelines on all aspects of proper maintenance of windows and accessories.

Home Burglaries

While this is not so common in Singapore, it can still happen anywhere and at any time. Surveys have shown that most burglaries occur during the day, generally when residents are not at home.  An important thing to note is that windows are usually constructed in a way that makes them less secure than doors. They are easier to break in or even open from the outside.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure! We constantly open and close windows and hence, they are subject to daily wear and tear. It is therefore the homeowner’s responsibility to check and maintain the windows on a regular basis, to make sure and ensure that the windows and the locks are safe and secure always.

The best way to prevent this is to keep Window locks, handles and latches that are well fitted, highly secure and safe and free from rust/corrosion.


Key Accessories to ensure safe Windows

Let’s define to identify & understand better

Window Handle

A window handle is a short length of material that attaches to a window in order to help in the rotation of the hinge and thus help in the smooth opening and closing of the window.

pair of handles for casement window

Window Latch

Window latches or hinges are attached to its frame to secure the window. They are used singly or in pairs with a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside.

Window Lock

A window lock is a fastener fitted to the window sash to keep it firmly closed and secure.

window grille safety lock


Upkeep of Window Locks, Handles and Latches

Key points to note

Check for the type of material that the lock, handle is made out of. The durability of the lock or handle will depend on the type of material it is made up of. Steel is generally strong and durable and hence more preferred.

The method the locking system uses for security. Security and Safety are most vital in choosing the type of lock system. Check whether the lock is compatible with your window. Window handles and locks come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your window slides or opens on hinges there are options available for the right type of lock that will work on the window and also the right method to secure them safely.

Durability of Window Locks, Handles and Latches

Once fitted, one may wonder…do we have to replace them with time?, how long will they last? Or aren’t they secure enough to last forever?

Answers to some of these questions can be quite obvious and clear. As we all know that nothing lasts forever. Everything is subject to wear and tear. Factors like frequency in usage, weather conditions (e.g. temperature variations, rain or wind), quality of the product, security of installation and many others play a part in deciding the durability of the product.

stainless steel window latch

Repairs and replacement of parts including screws, hinges and others

It is the responsibility of home owners to frequently check the screws, hinges and other parts of the windows including the handles, locks and latches to ensure smooth running of the window.  Simple preventive maintenance can help a long way in this regard

Summing up

Your property is most valuable to you. Looking after it and maintaining it top class should always be your priority.  Ensuring the safety of the community and environment along with the safety of your home, always, creates a stress free and pleasurable living for every home owner.

For repairs, replacements for your windows and accessories the professionals at Grilles N Glass are just a phone call away. Enjoy a Happy and Healthy living always!

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