Ways to patch scratches on outdoor gate


Ever noticed your classy ornamental wrought iron grilles turn orange-brown after a few years? Or have you been fraught over an ugly scratch that got engraved unceremoniously on your window frame off lately?

Rusted areas or metal exposing scratches are often an eyesore and any proud homeowner would wish to do away with ASAP.  Well, its not that difficult to treat such problem spots and make your grilles and window frame shine again.

DIY! with the right technique and solution you can fix some of these common problems easily.  Its just a few minutes of effort to do the job.

Rust Removal from Wrought Iron Grilles

Rust removal from iron gatesIron is susceptible to rust, all it needs is water and oxygen to form the layer of oxide on the surface.  Your Wrought Iron Grilles are no exception, and they will rust sooner than later if they are in contact with rain.  Hence for external applications like driveway gates, its always recommended to go for galvanised wrought iron since they are constantly exposed to the elements.  For internal usage such as Door Gates and Window Grilles, coats of paint generally suffices.  So, when the paint wears off the metal begins to rust.

To treat the rusted parts take 3 simple steps –

  1. Scrub away the rust with a hardwire brush
  2. Use a medium-grit sandpaper and scrub thoroughly thereby preparing the metal for painting
  3. Apply the matching enamel paint which should be available at your nearby paint shop.

PS: If your grilles have a dual colour paint such as black and golden, apply the black paint coat first, then intermingle with the golden paint to get back the original look.

Patching scratches from Aluminium Grilles and Window Frame

In Singapore, aluminium for window frames is the most common.  Rust is not an issue with aluminium though corrosion may set in.  However, with the white powder coating that is usually done for Aluminium window frames and grilles, it’s those occasional scratches rather corrosion which may need treatment.

Here’s how you can manage them

  1. Clean the surface with a clot to wipe off the dust first
  2. For shallow, small scratches apply the ubiquitous GIF liquid
  3. For more serious grazes, scratches use small quantity of thinner then followed by oil based enamel paint.

For powder coated frames do note that painting with a brush will not do a good job.  Ideally, window frames should be spray painted layer by layer.  So, if the patching work is considerable its highly recommended that you take help of your Window Contractor.

So, fret no more if you find your grilles and windows rusting or scratched.  Apply these simple remedies to get them back in form!

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