Oiling for stuck Windows

One would expect the ingenuous window to be operational at all times, after all how complicated can a window open/close mechanism be?

But unlike your walls or room partitions, Windows and Doors need frequent care and maintenance.  They are prone to constant wear and tear and as with any movable part or system it needs ongoing maintenance to stay in good working condition.  Lack of maintenance can lead to jammed windows which can make a simple function of opening or closing a laborious chore.

So, if you don’t wish your Windows to give up on you, invest a few minutes once in a while in lubricating or replacing the movable parts

Which lubricant to use? Where to use?

While there’s no prescribed lubricant to prevent Windows from getting stuck, but the commonly available WD 40 or Singer Oil would be good enough.  These should be available at any hardware store in your precinct.

You can plan a cleaning, oiling schedule of once every 3 months for all windows and doors of your home

Casement Windows

For Casement windows it’s the arms (rivets) of the window which should be greased.  First off, clean the dirt and dust that may be accumulated with brush or cloth, then apply the lubricant.  Areas where you’d apply are the sliding shoe, pivot point and the screws.

Casement Windows have a top and bottom arm.  A common mistake that people make is forgetting to lube the top arm.  Arms are the movable parts of these windows and should be replaced if they get spoilt or corroded over time.  This should be done immediately if need be, since Casement Windows have a higher risk of falling.

Cost of replacing faulty Window arms is typically between 70 to 90 Singapore Dollars

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows can be kept smooth by oiling the bottom track.  First off, clean the track for any dirt, then apply the oil followed by sliding the window back and forth a few times so that the entire track length is greased.

Sliding Windows usually get stuck due to damaged rollers.  So, replacing with a new set should help overcome stuck windows.  A bend or damage to the sliding tracks may also cause the window to jam, but is usually rare.

Cost of replacing faulty Window rollers is typically between 50 to 70 Singapore Dollars

Louvre Windows

Fixed Louvre’s don’t need much maintenance.  However, adjustable louvre’s need to be oiled at the lever mechanism to prevent them from getting stuck.

Simple maintenance steps such as these will go a long way in keeping your Windows smooth and hassle free.


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