Dealing with Broken Glass


Window Glass can crack for a variety of reasons, after all Glass is a brittle material that is prone to shatter and cracks.  Glass Shards and splinters are very dangerous objects that can cut, blind or cause other grievous injuries to the human body.  So, incidents of cracked windows should be dealt with utmost care and fixed sooner than later to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Window panes where large sheet of glass are drawn in metal or wooden frames are very vulnerable to mechanical forces and impacts.  Force may be from wind or rough weather; impact could be anything from a slammed window to a careless projectile being hurled onto the window.  Glass may even crack due to thermal stress which can occur due to environmental factors such as temperature variations.

Minimizing risk from breakage

Some amount of risk can be alleviated by opting for laminated glass from a glazing contractor for your windows, it may not address all possible eventualities.  Alternatively, the use of solar films on windows also acts as a natural binding mechanism if the glass were to shatter.

Method for handling Window cracks and shards.

So, what should a homeowner do if he or she has to deal with such an experience?  At a minimum you can do the following 3 steps –

  1. Carefully apply a masking or double sided tape that you’d have in your home.  This should at least hold the glass in its place without dropping on the floor
  2. Cover the window pane with a newspaper, if possible on both sides.  This not only gives enough visual indication of the undiscerning person of the danger, but also prevents glass pieces from dropping due to wind
  3. Refrain from opening or closing the window

Getting help to fix broken Windows

Since replacing broken window panes is not a straightforward DIY task, its best to book an appointment with your local Window Contractor.   In most cases one will not need to remove the window frame (be it Casement or Sliding).  Contractors would generally take the measurements, remove the shattered glass pane and install a new one.

In Singapore, Window Contractors would typically charge anything from SGD 100 onwards for such tasks.  This includes material and labour.

Exception Cases

Depending on the breakage cause, the extent of damage will be determined.  If the window frame also gets bent or twisted due to the impact then fixing entails a greater cost & effort.  Bent frames cannot be straightened by knocking and hence may have to be replaced along with the glass panel.

Simple glass replacement would also be difficult if window frames as very old and rusty.  This is especially the case for many of the old HDB housing estate units Singapore.

In a nutshell, this is how you can recover from broken window occurrences without worrying too much!

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