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Imagine wanting to look out your window to admire the view but being greeting by clouded vision! While you do realize serious cleaning needs done you are put off by the arduous task of window cleaning. Sounds familiar?

However, some smart tips and easy tricks can help you deal with this situation effortlessly. In addition, simple upkeep and care can help you to not only extend the durability of your windows and grilles, but also make them look just as good with your interior décor.

Here are some easy-to-follow methods that you can employ to make your windows and grilles looking clean and new.


Window Cleaning, the Quick Way

Glass windows need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your home looking good and also to enjoy an unclouded view of the outdoors. While a sponge, washing liquid and some elbow action is all that’s needed to make your windows sparkle; investing in a good quality Squeegee and lint free rags/towel would really help.

Working a Squeegee in the manner shown below, followed by wiping with a towel at the edges gives a really good finish.

how to use a squeege for mopping window glass

Some other tips to keep in mind –

  • Wash your windows on a cloudy day as direct sunlight dries the cleaning solutions before the glass can be polished properly
  • Wash windows from the top down to prevent drips
  • Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean corners
  • For normal cleaning, polish the windows to a sparkling shine with crumpled newspaper. Paper also leaves a film that’s resistant to dirt.
  • To give extra shine to window glass, polish it with well-washed cotton T-shirts, alternatively rub a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly washed and dried window to give it a diamond-bright shine


Grille Cleaning, the Easy Way

Well maintained window grilles not only project a pleasant exterior look of your home to outsiders, but also look appealing to residents to see and enjoy the view from the windows.  As with any other item, grilles also need to be cleaned regular.  Especially for white powder coated aluminium grilles that are commonly found in many apartments, dust can look quite unsightly.  Wrought iron grilles with intricate designs are also prone to trapping dust in their turns and curls.

To clean Aluminium Grilles –

  • Take a soft bristle brush to brush away dust particles before you start to clean the grilles
  • You may use a simple water vinegar solution to wipe if your window grilles are not too dusty, however for kitchen area they tend to become greasy so a stronger dishwashing liquid is a must
  • Wear your old socks on your hands, like a glove, to make it easy to wipe grilles without having to worry about cloth slipping away
  • Be careful not to use steel wool or other abrasive materials as they can scratch and damage your aluminium grilles

person cleaning grille rods


To clean Wrought Iron Grilles –

  • Use a soft feather brush or duster to remove all dust particles prior to cleaning, making sure to reach into the grooves and corners of the design elements
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the grilles, an old cotton sock worn over your hand as a cleaning glove works just as well
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals as wrought iron grilles have a tendency to rust
  • A mild soap and water solution can be used if the grilles are greasy


Ensuring Smooth Movement

Windows are prone to constant wear and tear and need ongoing maintenance to stay in good working condition.  Lack of maintenance can lead to jammed windows, handles and locks.  A cleaning, oiling schedule (with lubricants such as WD 40 or Singer Oil) once every 3 months is sufficient in pre-empting common problems.

Here’s what you should clean & oil –

  • For Casement Windows it’s the arms (rivets), for Grilles it would be the hinges. Firstly, clean the accumulated dirt and dust with brush or cloth, and then apply the lubricant.  Areas where you’d apply are the sliding shoe, pivot point and the screws
  • Both top & bottom arms should be treated. Arms are the moving parts for these windows and should be replaced if they get spoilt or corroded over time
  • For Sliding Windows & Grilles it’s the bottom track. Clean, oil and slide the panels back and forth so the entire track length is lubricated.
  • Rollers inside the Window panel can also get worn & damaged with time and so must be replaced with a new set after few years

If you read this far, we hope you’ll takeaway ideas worth trying out at home. Of course, if its deep cleaning that you are looking for or perhaps if windows and grilles cleaning is not your cup of tea, you can always opt to call in professional window cleaners.



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