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Talk about colours in the context of home décor and it usually conjures up a debate on what shade to select for the walls of the house.  Well, rightfully so….but why do we forget about the colour for the house windows? The windows are the “eyes” of the house and they deserve an equal if not more thought…. isn’t it 🙂

Thankfully, nowadays there are a lot more colour options to choose from rather than just the good old clear transparent window glass or the dull metal shade frames.  So, in this post we’ll try to uncover what colours are available for window glass panes & metal grilles and share some tips that will help you make the right choice or your abode.

Do note that there’s no right or wrong when choosing colours and it may after all boil down to individual preference, taste and budget.  And in some cases you may not even have a choice because your building management or committee may have already set guidelines for these.  This is very common for Singapore Condominiums where the visual appeal of external façade needs to be preserved along with the overall scheme of estate design.

For those of you who do have a choice here is what’s good to know –


Selecting the Colour of Window Glass


No Colour, Clear Glass

  • Suited for homes where sunlight is less especially, for lower floor units
  • Good choice when the interior décor is dark


Sea Green

  • Best suited to go with White colour window frames
  • Popular choice amongst homeowners for the clean, green look it offers



  • Best suited to go with White colour window frames
  • Gives slightly better UV ray protection



  • Best Suited to go with dark brown window frames
  • Gives slightly better UV ray protection, but makes the interiors darker
  • Good for hiding dust and dirt


Our Recommendation: Sea Green, because it gives a refreshing look and feel with White Grilles.  Lets in adequate light, offers clear external view and at the same time gives protection from sun rays.


Selecting the Colour of Window Frame and Grilles


colour of aluminium grillesWhite

  • Gives a refreshing, pristine look
  • Most popular choice amongst homeowners
  • Not able to hide dirt and scratches



  • Does not require a coat of paint, is cheaper
  • This colour can hide the small scratches which may happen over time


Dark Brown or Black

  • Good for hiding dust and dirt
  • Used when required to match with interior/exterior décor or brown and dark tinted glass


Teal, Grey, etc

  • Based on individual preference or when required to match with interior/exterior decor


Our Recommendation: White, because it gives a neat and clean look, especially for HDB units in Singapore.  It can also be promptly repainted since white is a universal and easily available colour 


So, before you sign the deal with your Window Contractor, make an informed decision about the colour you’d go for.  For once chosen it will be with you for long time!

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