Black Frame Sliding Glass Door

The Client 

Joshua & Amelia

Blk 50 Hoy Fatt Road

Work Scope

Whole house Windows, Grilles and Sliding Door
“We came to know about Alex through the GrillesNGlass website. There were good testimonials about his work, and so we decided to inquire. We also heard that getting a separate contractor (i.e. other than the main renovation contractor) to do windows / doors / grilles / gates would be more affordable. This turned out to be true for us, and in addition to that, we benefited from Alex’s good workmanship and service too!

Here are some examples of our good experience working with Alex:

  1. He is people-oriented, friendly and approachable
  1. He gives good advice and suggestions when you are not sure about what you want
  1. He willingly changed design plans for our kitchen sliding door midway through the renovation process (due to some unforeseen developments)
  1. His workmanship is good, especially for windows and grilles
  1. He is able to service our doors / windows in future withot extra charge
  1. His fees are value-for-money

Thanks Alex!”

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