Condo Window Grilles

The Client 

Mr. Justin Cheong

Lakeshore Condominium

Work Scope

Aluminium Window Grilles for all rooms
“Thank you for doing such a wonderful grille job for my house, Grilles & Glass! You’ll took care of all the nitty gritty details which I am sure most of the contractors may not bother.

Alex (from Grilles & Glass) was very customer oriented, explaining to me clearly why I should or should not be installing grilles in certain location. Which type of grilles should I use and also suggest to reuse a certain portion of my existing grilles.  I am convinced this is definitely not a money oriented contractor.

After getting the job done, he did not push me for payment as he wanted me to inspect thoroughly that everything is in good order.

If I need any future grilles or window jobs, you are definitely number one on my list.  I don’t think I will find a number two that can come close.  Any Window Contractor can do grille… but not all Contractor will put customer satisfaction before money”

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